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Do you feel like you love your spouse but can’t stand them at the same time? Are you tired of feeling hurt, angry, bitter, unappreciated and disrespected?  Do you want to discover how to get unstuck in your deepest issues and on the same team with your spouse immediately? If so, this comprehensive marriage breakthrough package is for you! The great news is this: Even if your spouse is not motivated, it only takes ONE to save a marriage.


Retail: $5,000

12 Week Breakthrough Package Includes:

•  Weekly 90-minute group Q&A coaching call (or private meeting) with Matt

•  30+ On-Demand Membership Training Videos  (you keep this invaluable resource forever!)

•  The Most Sophisticated Personalized Assessments on the Market (View a Sample Assessment)

•  Email Access to Matt

•  Access to Private Facebook Community

Add Spouse for only $499

Plus when you invest in Matt Morgan Coaching he donates 10% of what he makes to a non-profit of YOUR choice!

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How It Works:

Matt works with you for 12 weeks to breaking through specific pain points you have while establishing healthy patterns to get you on the same team for a lifetime!

Weekly Meetings

During your 12 weeks you receive weekly group phone calls that are designed to help you with your specific issues while practicing the training you received from the weekly on-demand videos and assessment reviews. These group calls are gender specific. Women are with women. Men are with men. The reason for this is three-fold.

1. In most marriages one person is highly motivated and teachable while the other is not. The good news is that it only takes ONE to turn a marriage around. It starts with you working on yourself.

2. Staying in gender specific groups provides an opportunity for the safety and freedom to be vulnerable about your story.

3. Working in small groups motivates and inspires everyone to an entirely different level. You will discover you are not alone which is powerful. Plus you will learn from others who are further along in their journey but started just like you. This helps us all realize “if they can do it, I can too!

Important Note: Matt will provide private sessions for couples who are highly motivated and emotionally ready.

On-Demand Membership Training Videos

Enjoy this exclusive, in-depth online training of the best practical marriage coaching on the planet! At the end of each of the 30+ sessions you will receive specific questions for you to write down and put into practice immediately. Because after all…application makes all the difference. Here is an overview of each week:

Week 1: Be a Student of Me to Impact WE

Did you know that so many married people problems are really just single people problems we drag from our past and into our present? You’ll be amazed when you receive the right tools to work on yourself how it positively impacts your marriage.

Week 2: How To Stop The Crazy Cycle

Let’s be honest, we can easily get stuck in a rut of bad habits that are destroying our relationship. This week unpacks the emotional traps we fall into and how to overcome them now.

Week 3: Going To The “Other Side”

Discover the number one thing the happiest couples do to see breakthrough in the marriage. This week unpacks the practical steps needed to trade places with your partner so that you can quickly get on the same team.

Week 4: Wear The Same Jersey

The number one issue couples face is miscommunication. Discover the science behind how the healthiest couples get on the same team and learn how to fight right when conflict occurs by using this simple yet profound communication station tool.

Week 5: The 7 Ways to WIN Together

If week 1 is the science, week 2 is the art of how to use the communication station in everyday life to ensure that you WIN together when conflict arises. The 7 Ways to WIN together is pure gold!

Week 6: The Key To Happiness: Allowing God Into Your Relationship

When asked what they want in their marriage, most couples say “I want to be happy.” But the road to get there looks different than you might think. This week unpacks how to allow God into your relationship for a happy marriage. Matt is a Christian but you certainly don’t have to be to get everything you want and need from this week.

Week 7: Let’s Talk About Sex

Learn wisdom and practical steps to ignite intimacy in the bedroom for the best sex ever! In this module we discuss how to become aware of you different approaches to sex, how to communicate your desires, overcome droughts and get back to what you really want in the bedroom.

Week 8: Putting It All Together

This week recaps the journey that you have taken over the past 8 weeks and celebrates the progress you have made. It also helps to reinforce the new habits and beliefs that have been established and looks at the large scale impact of your family life and future generations to come.


Inside this Bonus week discover the 10 most common marriage myths men and women face as well as how to navigate significant life transitions that can challenge a marriage.



You will receive state of the art personalized assessments providing crazy fun analytics for you to grow personally and as a result impact your marriage.

Email Access

Matt is available to you if have questions or concerns outside of the weekly meetings. He will respond within 24 hours Monday-Friday.

Facebook Community

Discover stories and make friends with other people in Matt’s coaching program. When people realize they are not alone and are actively taking steps to be on the same team with their partner, it inspires and empowers all of us to keep moving forward!

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